RCN launches groundbreaking new dementia resources

The RCN has launched a series of films and a practical guide to improve dementia care in general hospitals. Around 40 per cent of patients over the age of 75 who are admitted to general hospitals have dementia.

Hospital settings can be confusing, challenging and overwhelming for a patient living with dementia. While there are examples of excellent care in some hospitals, training and resources are needed to spread best practice and improve the care provided to people with the condition.

The introductory film, which is presented by Alzheimer’s Society Ambassador, Angela Rippon, shares the perspectives of people with dementia, family carers and practitioners to help nursing staff and others understand the unique set of care needs associated with the condition.

Both the films and the practical guide are intended to help nurses implement the RCN’s five ‘SPACE’ principles for improving dementia care. There is a dedicated film for each of the five principles, and you can watch them all on the RCN’s You Tube Channel by following the links below. 

Royal College of Nursing Dementia Project Manager, Rachel Thompson, said: “We are calling for the principles that we set out last year to be embedded in our hospital care. The guide and film will enable staff to improve dementia care in their own setting. It brings together best practice that can be adapted for local communities.”

The guide and films are also aimed at senior managers, such as directors of nursing, as well as trust boards.

If you can't watch the films on You Tube, you can view them on our website